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Use Siri! iPhone(アイフォン)修理 渋谷店なら渋谷駅近のアップル救急車渋谷店にお任せ!

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For foreign customers

Use Siri!

[2017.12.15] アップル救急車渋谷店

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Hello everyone.:)

Shibuya, Tokyo, cheap store of repair,

“Smahospital Shibuya Center Street Store” It is!

I am still accepting iphone repair today! !

Since we are planning to go to Shibuya on holidays, utilize the time of repair

Let’s enjoy shopping!

【Will Siri become smarter if I use it? 】

This time is the new iPhone information ,,, but if it is the latest iPhone, it has just been released just recently and everyone who is aiming may be detailed ,,,, ^^;

So this time, I will try hard to write about iOS which changed specifications considerably according to the latest iPhoneX appearance! I thought!

But I think that all the newly added functions have been checked so let’s focus on “evolved functions”. This time, I will introduce about Siri! !


At the time of its appearance, Siri is a revolutionary system capable of operating the iPhone with the audio that became a topic, but it is quite possible to fully utilize Siri, whether the hurdles are high for Japanese people to talk to machines in the city like CM I do not see people. But I sent a message to my friends at LINE and had the song run. When washing or driving, such as when both hands are occupied, it is a big success! ! The operation of the smartphone while driving is the source of the accident! ! Let’s absolutely stop! !

There are other ways of using it as a companion who can kill time! !

I can say greetings and simple everyday conversation, and it’s fun because there are some reply patterns

It is an amazing feature that is equipped so much, and it may be nice to try playing around once fun!


>>Smahospital Ikebukuro store<<


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  • お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 渋谷店
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0120-070-424 お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 渋谷店

ご相談・お見積受付 修理やカスタマイズなどのご相談はコチラ。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 渋谷店

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